History of the Police Deptartment
The fire and Police Committee formed in 1902
Hired a Marshall on May 27, 1902- W.H. Pike
Started construction of the City Jail in August 1902 on lots 13-14, Block 15 by Mr. P.J. Chavez and completed construction in July 1903
Hired a Police Magistrate in July 1902 Thomas McCunniff
Hired a new Marshall L. Hedges on July 28, 1903
Hired a Deputy Marshall on May 24, 1904 J. Brunnly
No records found in between 1904 and 1970.
Frank Rendon became Chief on December 31,1970 to
Richard F Pena became Chief of Police in May 1997 to Oct 31, 2009
Daniel R Martinez became Chief Of Police December 1st 2009 to present